Ute (Oo-teh) Reckhorn

Photo by Lucy Ketchum

If you would meet me in person the first thing you would ask is how to pronounce my name. You would also find out that I have a strong German accent. And maybe that's something you can even see in my photography. 

I was born and raised in Germany before I left the country at the age of 24 to go out and explore. Traveling is a big passion of mine. I love to explore foreign cultures, landscapes and languages. For as long as I can remember there's been this deep longing in my soul for adventure of any kind. I like to think that all those stories that I've experienced over the years in different countries and cultures influence the way I see the world: with a sense of wonder and excitement.

Very often I wish I could add fragrances to my pictures, because it's such an essential ingredient of inspiration for me. Sagebrush, rosemary and lavender are the smells of Southern California - the place that I feel so blessed to call home now. 

Photography is my way of communicating with the world and of expressing my emotions. At the same time it connects me with time and allows me to be present. Some people do yoga, I pick up my camera.