Why In-Home?


After many years of photography I learned my most important lesson. Only do what you love. Well, I fell in love with photography right away, but to find my niche was much harder. After years of toying with all kind of different genres it hit me. My heart is where my family is. What I really care about is people and connections. This is why I decided to take pictures right where all those connections happen. At your home! When I come to your house I dive right in. Your life is beautiful the way it is. There is no need to clean up  or arrange things in a way, so they no longer feel home, but look clean. If you still don't believe met, let me tell you a story:


Time for family pictures!

" Wait, really, is it already that time of the year again? Sigh, what do we wear? Omg, what if the kids start crying?  

If these thoughts haunt you, let me offer you a different route.  

As an in-home photographer I will come to your house and take pictures in the comfort of your home. Imagine, your story the way it feels right now. Real moments, real stories - raw and touching. 

So now, you might think "but my house is never clean, my kids are shy when they see a camera..." - believe me, I've been there before. Back in 2001 I lived in Brazil. And I wanted pictures. Of my family. So we went to a local photographer. The photos that we received a few weeks later had nothing to do with us. Or so I thought. Lifeless, awkward smiles on faces that showed mixed feelings. A wide range from fear to anxiety, but certainly not the kind of pictures that I wanted to showcase on my walls. But why? I had paid all this money and the photographer had a good reputation. Well, this whole staged thing in our best outfits, it just wasn't us. 

So I decided to become the photographer that I had always wanted for our family pictures. And with that decision I started to discover a whole new world of beauty. The beauty of real and raw moments. 15 years fast forward I'm here for you. Ready to document your story. Not always perfectly matched or put together, but beautiful the way it is. 

Imagine a normal Saturday morning in your life. The kids are at home. Breakfast time. While your oldest helps you set the table, your husband takes care of the baby. Precious moments. And while you're busily living life, one day the baby will be a teenager, ready to move out. Wouldn't it be great to have pictures of this morning to go with your memories? Tiny hands holding your favorite mug, a pacifier sitting on the breakfast table. I am a firm believer that there is beauty in the mundane. Let me show it to you! "